These are a few examples of resources I've created either for professional development sessions or as assignments in my graduate studies.

 This is a professional development experience I build on a Google Site. Click the image to view the site.

This is a professional development experience I build on a Google Site. Click the image to view the site.

I created this video as a reflective culmination of learning in EDTC 5340, a course that examines the educational implications of Makerspaces in schools.

Click the image above to see a resource website I created to help guide elementary educators in the integration of the Technology Application TEKS into everyday classroom instruction.

Click the image above to view a video highlighting the Middle School Battle of the Books competition I pioneered and coordinated.

This is a screen shot from an online course I am building in Articulate Storyline 2.  I'm teaching myself Storyline 2 on the fly, but I am enjoying working with the software and look forward to opportunities to create more online learning experiences.

The Library & Literacy Summit is an annual conference I coordinate for area librarians and literacy educators. Click the image above to learn more about the LLS.

Resources for a 5th grade Science Network session; visual created in Canva and Thinglink.

Inspiring Classroom Innovation Through Innovative PD Practices session resources; visual created in Canva and Thinglink.

The image above (created in Canva) links to a Technology Application TEKS wiki I created as a grad school assignment.


For several semesters I have facilitated an online book study for school librarians and classroom teachers. Using Edmodo as our digital platform, teachers and librarians are able to collaborate asynchronously with like-minded colleagues across Texas.

In-Sight - a quarterly curriculum & instruction blog I maintain for Region 13.  In addition to contributing articles to the blog my role is to organize, post, and publish the blog articles in each issue.

Work in progress: My EDTC portfolio is a collection of artifacts from my grad school experience at Texas State. It will be completed in May 2017 in time for my graduation from the program.

bloom -  a blog created during my first semester of grad school.  It links out to various assignments created that semester and also includes a few professionally reflective posts.

The Travel Adventures of Captain Cook - a digital story created in Prezi for a grad school assignment.